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Metropolitan Roof Repairs is a renowned business with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Metropolitan Roof Repairs was contacted by a Mount Waverley client to transform their housing roof. Roof plumbing is the essential drain system in your roof to get rid of all the collected stormwaters in your roof, causing you so much trouble. With help, Metropolitan Roof Repairs is not just licensed but also experienced metal roof repairs and plumbing in Mount Waverley. We are proud to say that in our roof restoration and repair services, all materials and workmanship comes with a 10-year guarantee.

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Roof Repair in Mount Waverley

Our team members were contacted to fix this terracotta roof as the cappings were all loose and out of place. The roofing has been neglected for many years and was dangerous for house occupants. Loose cappings are dangerous because it can lead to water damage to the foundation of the home. Cappings are the thick vertical mortar lines that are available on the corners of the roofs to strengthen the sides. Ensuring that the elements cannot penetrate the home and cause damage to the foundations. This client did the right thing by calling us and getting this sorted. If you’re experiencing anything similar, we suggest you contact us too.

  1. Removing the old cappings and ensuring that they were clean and safe to reuse
  2. Glued on the cappings with mortar and flexible pointing to seal ridge cap to existing tiling on the roof
  3. Removed mortar in valleys and installed storm seal to keep out elements from roof’s interior 
  4. Cleaned the entire roof to remove debris

Here at Metropolitan Roof Repairs, we offer you a customized roof restoration that is budget-friendly. Metropolitan Roof Repair Mount Waverley offer that addresses all the requirements of restoration and plumbing of your roof. To show you just how confident we are that our roof repairs in Mount Waverley will last, we are proud to offer a 10 year guarantee on all our work. With our extensive experience and finest work from tradesmen, we are readily available to undertake your roofing project and deliver you perfection within the set deadline. Metropolitan Roof Repairs are fully insured, fully licensed and proud members of the Housing Industry Association (HIA).

We know how important it is for you to understand what’s wrong with your roof and how we can fix it. Our team guarantees that you will meet one of our highly qualified owners to personally discuss all your roof repair and restoration needs. As a family-owned business, it is important our founders are involved in every project we complete. Moreover, we offer fixed prices for all our jobs and never hide any costs from you. Contact us today for your roof repairs in Mount Waverley or for any other roofing needs around Melbourne.