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Metropolitan Roof Repairs are based in Kew with 30 years experience and are specialists in all roof leak repairs, roof restorations and roof replacements, including tile, Colorbond metal and slate roofs. If you’re concerned about a leak in your roof don’t hesitate to reach out to Metropolitan Roof Repairs. Our team of experts are ready to inspect your roof with leak detection technology to quickly identify and rectify the problem to keep your home safe and secure.

Clear visible signs of damage from leaking roof.

Signs You Might Have a Roof Leak

Are you staring at a ceiling stain wondering, “How can I tell if I have a roof leak?” Roof leaks can often going unnoticed until they’ve caused significant damage. Identifying a roof leak early can save you damage to plaster and internal walls, mould build up in insulation, as well as electrical faults in your lighting. Detecting a roof leak early is crucial in preventing extensive damage to your home. Here are some telltale signs that you might be dealing with a leak:

  • Water Stains on the Ceiling or Walls: These are often the most visible indicators. Look for brown, yellow, or discoloured areas that weren’t there before.
  • Dripping Sounds: Hearing water inside your home when it’s raining outside? That’s a red flag.
  • Mold or Mildew Presence: Especially in areas where it shouldn’t be, like your ceiling or exterior walls.
  • Missing or Damaged Roof Tiles: Sometimes, the problem is visible from the outside. Check your roof for any signs of damage.

What is the cost of roof leak repairs in Melbourne?

The cost of repairing a roof leak in Melbourne, Australia can vary greatly depending on several factors:

Leak severity and size:

  • Minor leaks: For patching a small hole or replacing a few cracked tiles, the cost could range from $200 to $500.
  • Moderate leaks: Replacing damaged sections of roofing or fixing flashing issues might cost $500 to $2,000.
  • Major leaks: Extensive water damage, structural issues, or complete roof replacements can reach $5,000 or even higher.

Roof type and materials:

  • Metal roofs (Colorbond): Generally more expensive to repair than other materials, ranging from $4,500 to $7,200 for major leaks.
  • Terracotta tiles: Replacing broken tiles and repointing can cost $6,300 or more for larger leaks.
  • Concrete tiles: Similar cost range as terracotta tiles.

Accessibility and complexity:

  • Steep roofs or hard-to-reach areas: Increase the cost due to additional safety measures and labor required.
  • Complex roof structures: May require specialised skills and materials, leading to higher costs.

Additional factors:

  • Labor costs: Vary depending on the roofing company and experience level of the workers.
  • Materials used: High-quality materials will cost more than standard ones.
  • Permits and inspections: Required for some repairs and add to the overall cost.

FAQ about Roof Leak Repairs

Absolutely. Even small leaks can lead to big problems over time, such as structural damage or mould growth.

You should inspect your roof at least twice a year and after any severe weather events.

The time it takes to fix a roof leak can vary depending on the severity and location of the leak. Simple repairs might take a few hours, while more extensive damage could require several days.

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