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We are the premier tile roof restoration specialists, delivering top-notch tile roof repairs to homeowners for over 30 years.

As a trusted family-owned and operated local business, we offer the complete suite of tile roof repair services, from tile installation and rebedding through to inspections to ensure your tile roof is in optimal condition.

Our team of highly skilled roofing craftsmen excel in identifying and addressing tile roof leaks and repairs swiftly and effectively, across Melbourne.


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Your Tile Roof Restoration is in good hands

Our motto is ‘We do it right the first time.’

We will inspect every inch of your tile roof, checking each and every element until we (and you) are confident of the results. You can rest assured that we’re fully qualified, fully insured and provide digital images before, during and after.

We’re proud of what we do and back that with a 10 year guarantee on all our work.

  • Roof Tile Assessment and Restoration

    We will inspect the current state of the roof and repair any damaged or improperly installed flashing, repairing or replace cracked or missing tiles

  • Waterproofing

    Ensure the waterproof sarking membrane is present and in good condition

  • Batten Inspection and Replacement

    We'll check your timber batten condition (especially for concrete or clay tiles) for rot or rust and replace if necessary.

  • Roof Repointing

    Repoint (for concrete or clay tiles) to address cracks and restore waterproofing.

  • Roof Tile Painting

    If your roof tiles are structurally sound, a good quality paint job and restoration can improve the aesthetics and extend the lifespan of your roof.

A photograph of a restored tile roof.

Why choose us for your tile roof restoration?

We pride ourselves on delivering only the highest quality tile roof repairs. We also provide tile roof repair, maintenance, tile roof painting and repointing. 

To show you just how confident we are that our tile roof restoration services last, we offer a massive 10 year guarantee on all our work. 

We only work with the finest roofing materials such as Welsh Slate Tiles and employ only the best tradespeople. Our team is fully insured, fully licensed and proud members of the Housing Industry Association (HIA). 

Our specialist team are able to work on roofs of all types, including Colorbond roofingmetal roofing and slate roofing.

Contact us today for all your roof tile repair restoration needs.

What people are saying about our Melbourne Roof Tile Restorations

Peter Matthews
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Metropolitan Roof Repairs came recommended to us because of their extensive work on heritage buildings and their good reputation. We have used Metropolitan roof repairs for a number of our roof projects from repairs to replacement and from slate to terracotta and also for a metal roof on the extension. They have never let us down. Their knowledge and expertise in roofing is extensive, they are very skilled and reliable. We wont use anyone else.
John Dispin
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Tom came to look at it yesterday and completed the work by today. What a commitment. This is a community facility and he and his team did it for for the love of the community, not for money. It takes a big heart to give back to the community. Thanks so much. A JOB WELL DONE.
Greg Anders
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We chose Metropolitan Roof Repairs to carry out some repair work on our concrete tile roof, which hadn't been touched for about 18 years. Tom and the team did an excellent job on the ridge capping/re-pointing, and general fixing up of chipped tiles and checking/sealing flashings. They were always polite, neat (all rubbish removed), and turned up when they said they would. I'm very happy with the result, and the work was done at a very competitive price. Thanks Tom!

We use only the best quality Welsh Slate tiles

With a history spanning over two centuries, Welsh slate quarries, notably Penrhyn quarry, have supplied high-quality roofing slate worldwide.

Welsh Slate, a leading manufacturer based in Wales, produces renowned roofing slate and other slate products known for their durability and quality and is known for its resilience against harsh environmental conditions.

  • Welsh Slate presents significant advantages, particularly in Melbourne’s diverse weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for tile roofing material.
  • Its exceptional durability ensures longevity, with a lifespan exceeding 100 years, surpassing typical roofing materials.
  • Even under Melbourne’s intense UV exposure, Welsh slate retains its natural color, offering enduring aesthetic appeal.
  • Availability of large format slates provides versatility in design, accommodating Melbourne’s architectural styles and preferences.
An aerial photograph of a tiled roof in Kew which has been fully repaired and restored
An aerial shot from above showing a fully restored tile roof of a large church

recognised and accredited by the H.I.A

We are the real deal

At Metropolitan Rood Repairs we know everything there is to know about roofing in Melbourne, from all the best roofing products available down to the proper selection of those roofing products to the final roofing installation.

Not only are our team of tradesman fully licensed and insured, they have enjoyed the benefits of working with us for many years, whilst undertaking countless tile roof restorations and roof repairs across Melbourne.

a fully restored tile roof on a heritage home in Melbourne
Tile Roofing Melbourne
A grey tiled roof which has been fully repaired and restored

Melbourne Roof Tile Restorations Near Me

Your Melbourne Tile Roof Restoration Questions Answered:

Tile roofs in Melbourne are roofing systems made of tiles, commonly crafted from materials like clay, concrete, or slate. They are popular due to their durability, aesthetic appeal, and ability to withstand Melbourne’s diverse weather conditions.

Tile roofs provide several benefits suited to Melbourne’s climate, including durability against heat, rain, and hail, fire resistance, and aesthetic versatility. They contribute to energy efficiency by providing insulation, helping regulate indoor temperatures in Melbourne’s variable weather.


In Melbourne, common types of tile roofs include:

  • Clay Tile Roofs: Ideal for heritage homes and modern residences, offering traditional charm and heat resistance.
  • Concrete Tile Roofs: Known for their durability and wide range of colors and styles, suitable for various architectural designs in Melbourne.
  • Slate Tile Roofs: Recognized for their elegance and resilience, providing excellent protection against Melbourne’s weather extremes.
  • Terracotta Roof Tiles: Made from natural clay, known for their durability, fire resistance, and colour retention, comes in a variety of earthy tones.

The lifespan of tile roofs in Melbourne varies depending on the material and maintenance. Generally, clay and concrete tile roofs can last 50 years or more, while slate tile roofs can endure over a century with proper care, making them long-term investments for Melbourne properties.

Tile roofs are well-suited to Melbourne’s climate, offering durability and resistance to heat, rain, and hail. Certain tile materials, such as slate, excel in Melbourne’s weather, providing exceptional performance against temperature fluctuations and extreme conditions.

While tile roofs in Melbourne are relatively low-maintenance, regular inspection and upkeep are recommended to ensure longevity. Maintenance tasks may include cleaning debris, checking for cracked or damaged tiles, and addressing any leaks or issues promptly.

Tile roofs can be installed on various buildings in Melbourne, including residential homes, commercial properties, and heritage structures. However, it’s essential to consider the building’s structural integrity and adherence to local building codes before installation.

Tile roofs contribute to energy efficiency in Melbourne by providing insulation and reducing heat transfer into buildings. This helps maintain comfortable indoor temperatures year-round, potentially lowering energy consumption for heating and cooling.

When selecting a tile roof for your Melbourne property, factors such as budget, architectural style, climate resilience, and personal preferences should be considered. Consultation with roofing professionals can help explore options and determine the best fit for your needs.

Yes, tile roofs are considered environmentally friendly in Melbourne due to their long lifespan, recyclability (in the case of clay and concrete tiles), and energy-saving properties. Additionally, certain tile materials, such as clay and slate, are natural and sustainable resources, aligning with Melbourne’s focus on sustainability.

A photo of a man leaning over a roof, inspecting it for roof leaks
A photograph of a man on a tile roof in work gear, part-way through restoring the tiles
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