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Roof Repairs Kew East

Metropolitan Roof Repairs have had over 30 years of experience repairing and restoring every type of roof. Steve and Tom were recently called out to a project in Kew East where they were tasked with the role of completely replacing the tile of the roof. In their initial assessment, they found through their inspection that the tiles were old and would not be able to handle any type of repair. Therefore, they realised they needed to replace the whole roof with a new covering.

For owners, Steve and Tom who have had over 30 years of experience in the Melbourne metal roof repairs industry, this was not a difficult task. They have experienced many jobs just like this one as well as other types of replacements and restorations. If you need your roof repaired, contact us today!

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How Did We Do Roof Restoration in Kew East?

  • Replaced old timber battens with premium new ones
  • Installing waterproof sarking membrane
  • Using Monier Terracotta Marseille tiles in colour Earth to replace the old material and maintain the heritage aspect of the housing
  • Installation of new gutters and sealing all openings to ensure the roof quality has been up to standards

Roof Restoration or Roof Replacement in Kew East

The way houses are built is that unfortunately at some point, all roofs will need to be upgraded, replaced or repaired. To prevent an emergency, it is important to ensure the roof is safe and no damage has occurred. Nonetheless, for owners, it can be difficult to know when a roof repair or roof replacement is necessary. Thatā€™s why weā€™re here to help make it easier for you. Let us examine your roof and work out the best course of action.
  • Roof Restoration – set aimed at restoring the roofs to pre-damage condition. If you need to repair a small portion of roof or replace shingles in a specific area with wind damage, then replacing damaged material can be relatively simple and inexpensive. Depending upon the type of roof, the roofer would choose the right installation method and repair of damage. 
  • Roof Replacement- replacing existing roof with a new one. Recommended when roof is damaged beyond repairing specific areas. While generally more expensive as an initial cost, a new roof will save more money in the long term by avoiding the added total costs of multiple repairs or additional damages.

If anything seems peculiar with your roof, it is imperative you get it looked at. What might initially start as a few little drops from the ceiling can potentially lead to a roof caving in, flooding your house, and leaving you with thousands of dollars worth of water damages. If youā€™re considering options between a roof repair and reroof, browse our services and get in touch with our founders. It may be difficult to determine what service is necessary to fix the damage but the team at Metropolitan has the experience and knowledge to deal with all roofs.