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Your roof is the first barrier of protection between your home and the outdoor elements. It is also one of the first things someone sees when they see your house. Whether it’s your Hawthorn East home or workplace, a solid, metal roof repairs is significant to ensuring the integrity of the structure. Our expert team, with over 30 years of experience, at Metropolitan Roof Repairs are professionals who can help you maintain it. Roof restoration is a simple procedure that will revert the housing roof back to its original look, damage-free and brand new. With us, you know your roof with be in the best hands.

The materials your home is made of are particularly vulnerable to moisture damage, as plasterboard is heavily absorbent and sucks in a lot of liquid. When this happens, the internal strength of the panel is degraded. Many ceilings have collapsed with no warning as a result of moisture damage, all of which sprung from a simple leak that could have been fixed had it been identified in time. Therefore, it is imperative to prevent leakages from roofs and start using roof leak detection services early.

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Types of Leaks in Hawthorn that Result in Further Damage/ Extensive Water Loss

  • Excess water ingress – our initial step was to check for leakage from the roof from the storm and make sure it was under control 
  • Underground leaks – if homeowners have noticed underground water seeping from surrounding garden, driveway or from around your home you may have an underground water leak. Underground leaks are common in houses that are old and have steel water pipes or in gardens that have a lot of tree roots present.
  • Wall leaks – internal leaks that can bring electrical and structural damage, causing repairs to be done internally and externally. These should be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Roof leaks – tile roof and metal roof have leaks that affect the quality of the roofing material and cause excess amounts of rainwater leaking from the roof into the property.

This can be a personal preference (nonetheless, highly recommended) but the most common reasons why one would need to engage roof plumbers Hawthorn for detecting early water leak replacement. A qualified team member meets a client at an arranged time at their own house. Then we will prepare a detailed inspection report from our findings during the roof inspection.

Our roof repair services by Metropolitan Roof Repairs include the renewal of old valley irons, the inspection and repair of all flashings, the repairs to any timber work or tiling on the roof, skylight repairs etc.

Contact us for roof leak repairs in Melbourne, we are a local and affordable roofing contractor who specialise in leak detection for more than 30 years in the industry, with many qualifications.